Hillbilly chamber music

recording notes

I started this project using a Tascam 788 24 bit 8 track recorder, an ElectroHarmonix 12AY7 tube preamp, and an Oktava MC-012 small diaphram condenser microphone.

From there I moved to using a vintage Shure 300 ribbon microphone that was re-ribboned by Steven Sank with an RCA type ribbon. It runs into a Behringer preamp that Steve Sank also modified, which among other things included Burr Brown opamps at all stages. The pre runs into a Presonus Firebox into my Mac PowerBook G4 running Cubase LE recording at 24/44.1.

From there I moved to using a Neumann KM84 small diaphram condenser through an Apogee Duet interface into a MacBook Pro. It took me way too long to complete all these recordings and I wasn't very diligent about my notes on the recordings. All I can tell you is all the recordings posted used some combination of the above mics and preamps and converters.

After Cubase LE, I moved to Reaper and then finally did all the mixing in Logic Express. I especially want to thank Will Dyar for his help in listening to my mixes and making suggestions before he mastered the tracks for me.