hillbilly chamber music


Mandolin Family Used on Recordings:

2006 Gilchrist Model 1
1999 Gilchrist Model 5
1989 Gilchrist Mandola H-1
1920s Gibson Mandocello K-1
Santa Cruz Southern Jumbo Mandocello

The Gilchrist Model 1, Model 5, H-1

I love the tone of Steve Gilchrist's mandolins. There's a refined quality to them that I only hear on some of the finest instruments. These instruments inspired me to write my own melodies and do these recordings. The Model 1 is really my new favorite and it gets the most playing time while I've owned the Model 5 the longest and have probably written more tunes on it. The H-1 Mandola's voice is wonderful too and inspires different kinds of melodies. The old K-1 is a beast to play and is not in great shape but has a wonderful voice.

The Gibson K-1 Mandocello